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Over and over we are told there must be life on another planet in our universe. The arguement is if there are billions of planets in the universe at least acouple hundred of these planets must have the same conditions as our planet. Science has determined that all planets have the same elements as on earth and due to the multitude of planets in existence, it is only logical and mathmatically accepted that life must exist on other planets. Sound logical?? NOT AT ALL!!!

Kenny D logic would point out to these super thinkers of the science world a common sense fact: There has never been a verifiable account of any dog, cat, horse, ape, or other non human animal that has had to ability to talk as a human being!

Over the last four to 10 thousand years on this planet there have been billions of animals; cats, dogs, apes, horses, etc that have lived on this earth. Each of these animals have similiar “elements” such as a brain, mouth, vocal cords, emotions, yet there is not one verifiable account of one animal communicating in English or any other human language or attempted at a level which would allow this animal to communicate in public!!!

Millions of planets with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon and no other signs of life,, brain, vocal cords, and mouth, and no verifiable human communication skills,,

This is Kenny D logic #1 using common sense to combat bully science!!!

Seems there is a shortage of intelligent life in the science community to support this unproved and unworthy claim!!!

Kenny D

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Posted: September 7, 2010 in The universe according to Kenny D

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