Universe, life and the timing of future relations

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Every action creates an equal opposite action. E=mc2 is the mathematical equation that supports my claim. Science and technology have enhanced and improved our lives. We live longer, do more things, travel more freely, and generally have information at our disposal. Our lives have been altered from the time we are born until the day we die, but at what cost?

If you measure your accomplishments during your lifetime,, in this world,,  you may have many accomplishments! Nobel peace prize, possibly inventing a procedure, system, or device to help human kind.Maybe a medical procedure to extend life, cure illness, or maybe you have joined the peace corp to educated those that are uneducated. Others may donate money to build a school, water treatment plant, or other service or device to impact a village, town or city. We hold those that help others in high esteem, to innovators we support them by buying their products. Seems that the actions of those that help our world, help to make our world a better place, but can this be all good? Can there be some “evil” opposite action for our living longer or using devices to enhance our experiences??

+++ Kenny D’ism insight on this to follow+++

As with all experiences in this world, we have choices. Believing technology and science is “evil” is indeed one of those choices,, but one I chose to consider. Our lives and our experiences have evolved tremendously over the past 100 years. It appears this is a normal phenomenon, one in which our true nature begins to separate from the indigenous life forms ( cats, dogs, monkeys, etc), and our true identity begins to reveal itself.

We have cycles of life and experience “life” with what appears to be temporary bodies of this Earth. Our differences from ALL of the other animals of this world is becoming more apparent. Our abilities to communicate, invent, develop,, the way we live, colonize and aggregate, travel, are very different than that of any other animal on this planet. It is just a matter of time until we all realize this!! Science can try and deceive by stating evolution takes millions of years, but just look at how the human has distanced itself from all the other animals of this earth in the past 100 years. Religion tells us we are “god like” and give this as a reason for our being “different”. In either scenario,, we are becoming very different then other animals of this world, living longer lives, and reaching out to the heavens to find our true identity.

Since we chose to pattern our existence to be like the animals of this world, and since we empower this reality, it has had an affect on each of us. Science and technology are from our world, where ever that may be, and the integration of science and technology into our current reality has affected our true inherent consciousness or reality. If you think about it, science and technology are the absolute opposites of the realities of this world. Merging them together is causing a disruption in the normal integration of the levels of life or consciousness.

It is easy to see if you look for it! Seems in the old days, more times then not, when a spouse died, it seemed that the other spouse would perish very soon after. With a plague, a colony of people might all die from this infliction. There were many wars where many would die from the altercation. People died in “clumps”. Alike people, whether they were couples, a family, a city or a country, would die from an infection, altercation, or other event. Now that we have science and technology, very few groups of people perish at the same time.

Science and technology are wonderful “upgrades” to our world, but they come with a price. We cannot continue to live in a world that is dominated with science and technology and have the same realities. It seems that people would die together so that they could return “together”. Science has allowed us the choice to remain in this reality for sometimes 20 to 50 years longer than we should.Dying has become more personal and the likelihood of you dying with your loved one or with your family are almost zero.

As you pass through this life and into the next, you are destined to live without your “soul mates” or you may live with them in a father – son or grandmother – granddaughter relationship. The love of your life, who died 30 years ago, may conceive and your spirit may become the child this person. the dynamics of a previous husband – wife relation, now a mother – son relation, due to the ‘timing’ created by our mimicking the realities of the indigenous species of this world, is a difficult trine of the spirit.

There is much to support this ideal. Greek, Roman and Egyptian stories are full of the divine dying together and of the “evil” not dying together. Dying in battle was revered, killing yourself because your loved one died was celebrated. There are many other stories in which the subject matter discusses couples that were deceived with only one dying. References to the timing of death, as it applies to another loved one or loved ones, is a very prevalent subject matter.

More couples have large age differences, there has been an increase in deviant behavior with humans. These are other increasing variances from our indigenous friends of this world.

There is much more to talk about, but maybe this article will open your eyes to see what is happening “right before your eyes”!

Fear is an emotion that can block the door to your real truths. Think about what I have discussed here and refute it with what you believe in your world. Opening doors invites knowledge and insight to who we really are and these doors ARE going to open whether you want them to or not. Let’s all learn together.


Kenny d



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