Everyone gets an “A” if you wait a billion years

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

u ready??

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I was told a long time ago, by someone who did not strike me as a great thinker, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get different results. Anyone that listens to or believes what these idiots are saying  is just another  idiot in training!!”

Throughout the history of man, there have been great thinkers  whose names have withstood the test of time from all cultures and walks of life. These great citizens have influenced our perception of this world and our lives for thousands of years. There wisdom and insight has been questioned and topic of contention, but mostly their ideas and contributions to society have withstood the test of time..for over hundreds of years,,  err,  @$  or about 1000 to 2000 years, ,,,, hmm #^%#@  or not more than 3000 or 4000 years,,~~~~  but definitely less than 10,000 years. (yeah!)

These great thinker and citizens did not seek out public acceptance, they communicated only to those that sought the truth and wanted to hear what they had to say. The fact that there was no inter connective communication BUT there writings were still known worldwide and to this date is incredible!! These great thinkers had the people come to them and the power of their writings and concepts traveled the world by word of mouth,, without the internet, television, radio, blogs. Their views have withstood thousands of years of progress, invention and changing world views. These great thinkers set the standards for most of all we believe now and their beliefs for the most part have remained unchanged.

Now we have better communication, world wide access, technology, and some of the most impressive science institutions this world has ever seen! Science is at the top of its game with computers, space stations, super telescopes, space probes, and digital photos, etc. So why is it science cannot develop a theory that can hold true more than 5 years??

There is a wave of all new theories in regards to the universe, its formation, evolution. What we believe affects our out look on life more than you can imagine. Evolution, the big bang theory, definitions of life and almost ALL scientific claims from just 3 years ago are no longer valid concepts. All of the old concepts that were proven by scientific methods and taught to us in school and college are no longer valid!!! Science is too arrogant to tell us they have screwed up and there methods are becoming more advanced AND BECOMING MORE INCORRECT!!

As I watched the new wave of scientific theories on the Discovery and Science channels, it was apparent to me that scientists are continuing to interpret data in the same method used for the now obsolete theories. The only difference is there is more razzle dazzle with the graphics, artist conception designs, AND now the scientists are trying to look cool with crazy haircuts, and quirky behavior.

In an attempt to have their theories last more than 10 or 20 years, scientist are mentioning after whatever they state as a theory that after “a billion or so years, you will see my concept to be true”. What the $*%$*%$ !!!! Scientific theory cannot withstand 5 to 10 years and becomes obsolete, but we are told to believe that after a billion years their theories will come true?? This is the definition of insanity with a twist of deceit and a touch of arrogance. Scientific method and testing is based on testing theories in a controlled environment so that incidental processes cannot compromise the outcome of the experiment. Do scientists believe that over a billion years nothing could contribute to a different conclusion, that they have taken into account all possible outcomes and possible compromises?? Or is this the manner in which science is trying to rationalize away any divine process? Either way  this process (or non scientific process)   sidesteps scientific process  since NO ONE WILL BE AROUND TO DISPUTE THEIR CLAIMS!!

We need to incorporate the views and thoughts of all and not just scientists to find the truth. New ideas are what allow us to discover, explore and LEARN. Always looking at universal phenomenon from just one discipline of thinking will yield poor and inconclusive results. Science cannot continue to use the same principals over and over again and believe they will get different results and theories that are correct! We still have “great thinkers”  in our world that need to be heard. IF you are one, and even if you are not,, please write in  with your comments!!!

If you compare the track record of the ancient and past great thinkers, their concepts have been mostly proven and withstood hundreds and thousands of years. Current scientific theories are contrived from a thought pool of scientists who instead of exploring all options, seem to arrogantly disregard all of the data available to pursue a single minded idea which they can cleverly “argue” to be true rather than prove to be correct. This is why all recent theories are more of a scientific “fashion statement” rather than a thorough search for the truth and when they need to take off and change there cloths,, it is not a pretty picture!!!

Kenny d


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